Average tumbler build time from order to ship is 3 weeks. thank you

Welcome to Biggdawg Tumbler's 

Questions or to order  email at biggdawgtumblers@gmail.com

This is the home of the large capcity stainless wet tumblers. Custom built right here in the USA. Available with small, medium, and large drum sizes but custom sizes are available because I will build to your needs. Normal build time from order to ship is 2-3 weeks.

My tumblers are built to last a lifetime. Using 1 1/4 x 1/8 square tubing, heavy duty pillow block bearings and 1/2 inch shafts. Also uses 1/4 hp 110 electric motor



These tumblers are industrial strength high capacity tumblers. They will cut your tumbling time and eliminate the lead dust that you get with dry tumbling.

Compared to a thumler that can handle 15-16 total pounds my tumbler can handle up to 90lbs total weight with no problem at a fraction of the cost it would be to buy enuff thumlers to match it's capacity.

 By combining stainless steel media, lemi-shine water additive and dish soap your brass can come out looking like new. The key is keep the media quantity to at least 1 pound more than the amount of cases being tumbled. 

Discounts when media and tumblers are purchased together.

Below are the pics of my tumblers, i can paint them any color you like the main colors I use are blue and red to match Dillon and hornady presses.

I have been selling these on Ar15.com Then I decided to make my own web page to sell them.

I have a Video of my tumbling procedure here 
Tumbling video

Before and after

Large drum on tumbler with small drum. You can tumble 23lbs of brass in one batch with the large drum. Compare that to at Thumler tumbler that can do 3lbs of brass in one batch. Even the small drum can tumble 5lbs of brass per batch.

I  paint the drums with krylon plastic paint it may wear off but they look better.

Below is a large drum and a small drum. 80lb and 20lb capcities respectively 

Your brass comes out looking new,  no dust on your cases or to get your dies dirty.